Agencies We Support

Supported Agencies have an ETSS Agency IT Manager (AIM) and technical staff that directly support their applications and employees.


  • DDD Case Management System

  • ESH Automated Dispensing Cabinets

  • ESH LTC System (Business Applications Replacement Project)

  • Visit the BHDDH website

  • Electronic Hunting and Fishing License System

  • Produce Safety Inspection System

  • Electronic Document Management

  • Visit the DEM website

  • Data Domain Backup System

  • MS-2 Transportation Traffic Data Management System

  • Server Migration

  • Visit the DOT website

  • Aging and Disabilities Resource Center Website

  • Hoarding Website

  • Unified Health Infrastructure Project (UHIP)

  • Visit the EOHHS website

Agencies We Assist

Assisted Agencies encompass non-executive branch agencies (Secretary of State, Lieutenant Governor’s Office, etc.), independent executive-branch agencies (Executive Office of Commerce), and independent agencies (Board of Elections, Ethics Commission) who use State infrastructure and occasionally receive direct IT support from ETSS Staff.

  • Board of Elections
  • Coastal Resources Management Council
  • Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

  • Division of the Public Utilities and Carriers

  • Ethics Commission

  • Executive Office of Commerce

  • Governor's Commission on Disabilities

  • Human Rights Commission

  • Office of the Governor

  • Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner

  • Office of the Lieutenant Governor

  • Office of the Secretary of State