Enterprise Technology Strategy and Services (ETSS)

The Division of Enterprise Technology Strategy and Services (ETSS) includes the Office of Digital Excellence, the Office of Information Technology (DoIT), and the Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS). ETSS has been organized into major functional areas that help drive its strategic goals, improve agency service levels, and align functional responsibilities. OLIS is responsible for developing programs that support and advance library services in the state and oversees the growth of digital and web services.

Under the leadership of Brian Tardiff, the State’s Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO), ETSS continues to deliver the technology strategy and services required to drive Rhode Island State government. The energy of these efforts continues to manifest itself in continuous improvements to the ETSS organizational structure, IT processes, and strategic assessments of State applications and technologies. 

Core ETSS responsibilities include management of the IT portfolio and projects for the Executive Branch and the day-to-day technical support, software installations, information system security and information system upgrades for State employees. ETSS is also responsible for ensuring stable and resilient infrastructure and technology. The ability to deliver on these functions has resulted in an increased appetite for technology advancement and digital transformation across State government.

ETSS is tackling technology challenges with a highly skilled and dedicated workforce through the delivery of secure, scalable, and sustainable enterprise solutions. These solutions enable State employees to better manage resident data, replace paper processes with digital services, and communicate more effectively to ultimately improve our constituents’ interactions with State government.