Infrastructure & Operations

The mission of the ETSS Infrastructure & Operations Team is to architect, implement, operate, and enhance innovative, robust, resilient, and secure IT infrastructure that aligns with our customers business needs.

Focus Areas

  • Provide hardware, software and network connectivity that supports the seamless operation of modern digital tools and a diverse suite of applications.
  • Enable the mobile workforce through secure wireless connectivity on an array of supported devices.
  • Provide governance and enterprise level standards that supports the deployment, operation, and maintenance of all network connected devices.
  • Ensure business continuity of network resources through delivery of a resilient data backup and recovery process.
  • Provide secure access to State data by authorized users across multiple IT platforms
  • Mitigate risk through execution of a hardware and software lifecycle program and software asset management


Infrastructure modernization efforts enable us to adopt new energy efficient technologies and practices to promote sustainability. Cloud computing initiatives, including Hyper-Converged Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud Platforms will allow us to achieve our goals for increased collaboration, sharing, productivity, mobility, and security while exceeding requirements for continuity of operations and availability of services. Ongoing investments in cloud-based programs and services enhance the IT infrastructure lifecycle and allow for rapid scalability.

The modernization of our systems, networks, and platforms is imperative to protect business-critical applications and data. Hardware and software refresh efforts will create more secure, flexible server and endpoint environments. Virtual capabilities also support data backup and replication to off-site locations for quicker recovery supporting the continuity of operations.

Developing a modernized and secure IT infrastructure that harnesses new information delivery models will enhance ETSS’s voice, network, and data capabilities and services. Through optimization of our data centers, adopting energy efficient technologies, leveraging consolidated enterprise licensing, maximizing the use of shared services and acquisition vehicles for IT purchases, and executing strategic sourcing initiatives, we will lower IT operational costs and energy consumption.